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Employability Soft Skills For MBA Students

Employability Soft Skills For MBA Students

Employability Soft Skills For MBA Students

For any business school that deserves its name, one of the most important aspects of management education, would be to provide students with skills that are highly valued by employers.

While a large part of these are basic management skills such as finance, marketing, strategy, and leadership, which are important pillars of business education, one must also keep in mind the growing importance of “soft” skills to ensure employment and success. A study by QS, conducted in 2008, clearly shows that these soft skills have been gaining increasing importance for employers and employers. In this Recruiter Survey, 489 of the world’s largest MBA employers – companies including BoeingGoldman Sachs, and Motorola – placed contact levels and human skills above traditional business skills that put importance.

And, of course, such an important area is also one that business school students often overlook – as it is often not available at their favorite institution or included as a non-core component and therefore does not score goals in the curriculum. Many MBAs and business school success fall short in terms of this very important skill. Most students believe that training in this is a waste of time, and a large percentage of past MBAs had the impression that they could not see the value of spending time in communication or human management skills. They feel that it is better to spend more time on the more important things.

According to many employers however, sadly many business graduate students come to the job market without these essential skills. Soft skills, such as winning situation, teamwork, effective communication, self-confidence, creativity, accepting kind criticism, motivation, leadership, multi-tasking, prioritization, time management, the ability to see the big picture, etc. This is necessary not only for initial employment but also for a positive career growth path. Respect for their soft skills is a must for business graduates to distinguish themselves from the recruitment process and development.

Here, Some of the most important skills employers and employers need are:

Leadership: Employers want the people they employ to be empowered to rise to leadership positions in the future. They want to hire people who are positive, motivated, and self-aware, who can lead by example.

Communication: whatever the role, customer service or technology, the fact is that one has to work with people, so one has to be able to work effectively.

Interpersonal skills: love, the simple ability to interact with people, most importantly the active global world. Being able to build good relationships – not only with partners but also with other contacts – helps strengthen internal, and external networks. It also brings great collaboration between the team.

Presentation Skills: the ability to present your case effectively, share your efforts, and provide practical solutions – all in a concise, professional and convincing way is essential in the business world. People are less likely to take the time, and effort, to read long texts. Sharp presentation skills and spoken communication are a way of conveying information.

Effective Communication Skills: finding a new client, completing a contract, or starting a project, promoting your team, or demonstrating your success, communication skills determine the success of many business processes. MBA graduates and business diploma holders need to refine the communication skills of individuals and groups in order to work well with others.

Positive Thinking: Strategic thinking skills that determine your ability to solve problems and think about your feet.

It makes sense to keep in mind that employers are increasingly setting a higher premium on these soft skills. Strong distances and good work results will only get you so far if you don’t have this. People who do not learn and use these soft skills are more likely to find that they are excluded and pushed into niche roles, rather than finding the most sought after profiles. Their career advancement is also likely to be slow and limited, which may also lead to eventual employment.

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